Click below to download the latest version of the software. You can use WindRose freely, if you analyze data that do not exceed 1-month. To analyze larger sets of data (>1-month) you must purchase a license.

 WindRose version 4.41 for 64bit Excel   (Dec. 12, 2022) 

 WindRose version 4.41 for 32bit Excel   (Dec. 12, 2022)

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To check which Excel version you have, open Excel and go to: File, Account, About Excel

Version 4.41 release notes

  • Maintenance release available to all users with a valid license.
  • Old version should be uninstalled first.
  • Ambiguities in Annex K of IEC 61400-12-1[ed2.0 2017] (i.e.: bin range and center, equation K.4 contradicts with the text) are now addressed following MEASNET Power Performance Proficiency Test (round 2, 2022).
  • Different lengths of evaluation and application periods in Annex-K are now allowed (Advanced Options).
  • Performance increase (updated compiler versions). 
  • Several minor improvements and bug fixes.


Version History  

v4.40 (64bit & 32bit)  Nov. 8, 2021

  • WindRose can now be installed in PCs without administrative  privileges (i.e.: standard windows users).
  • All the macros were replaced with formulas, to avoid security warnings when opening the main Excel file (WindRose.xlsx). Existing WindRose.xlsm files will continue to work and can be "Saved As..." normal Excel files (.xlsx). However, it is strongly recommended to start new projects with the new supplied WindRose.xlsx file.
  • The software requires .NET 4.5 (present by default in Windows 11/10; in Windows 8/7 might be needed to install it separately).
  • Additions in wind data analysis:
  • -  The number of wind speed bins (default 26, 1m/s wide) extends automatically to cover the max. wind speed of the selected power curve
  • -  If data include flow inclination angles (or wind speed's w-component) then, apart the graphs, a table is created with the flow angles per wind speed and direction ('FlowIncl' sheet). 

Older WindRose versions run only in the 32bit version of Excel and the main file WindRose.xlsm contains macros, so when opened, Excel displays a security warning, asking whether or not to enable WindRose's macros. The software will run in both cases, but functionality is reduced with macros disabled. If you want to avoid these warnings, check the following links, depending your Excel version: 2003200720102013-2019.

v4.37-6.37   Sep. 4, 2020 

  • Wind data analysis: 
  • -  Now, Annex-K is calculated in the 4-12m/s, inline with the Edition2 of IEC 61400-12-1.
    -  Added 'Measnet defined icing conditions' (temperature<2°C and rel. humidity >80%) in Advanced options ('Input' sheet).
    -  Added % daily and monthly data completeness and corrected a bug in 'TempData' sheet.

v4.35-6.35   Apr. 24, 2019 

  • Wind data analysis: 
  • -  Added the number of days suitable for crane works (U<4bft non-stop, between 7am to 5pm) for each month ('Tables' sheet).
    -  Added flow inclination results per direction sector ('InclhourG' sheet).
    -  Added wind shear vs temperature graphs for the two main dir.sectors ('Shear' sheet).
    -  Added the total and 12-month averaged wind speed distributions at hub height ('Tables' sheet).
    -  Fixed the graphs of 'WindRose' sheet, not displaying correctly the 12months-weighted case.
    -  Corrected a bug related to the energy output estimated from Weibull distribution.
  • Site Correlations: 
    -  Added correlations in 64 sectors (mainly for sensors on the same met masts).

v4.32-6.32   July 11, 2018 

  • Wind data analysis: 
  • -  'Tables' sheet includes data distributions in WaSP TAB format (at measurement and hub heights) for export to flow models.
    -  Adopts the standard dir. sector order (starting with North).
    -  Includes monthly, total and 12-month averaged wind speed distributions ('Tables' Sheet).
    -  No need to save in a separate file, when changing the number of sectors.
    -  Added spike detection also for wind direction data.
    -  If the standard deviation of wind direction is measured, its per sector variation with wind speed is plotted ('TSCheck'  Sheet).
    -  Converts correctly the U,V components to horizontal wind speed & direction for ERA5, MERRA reanalysis data, as well as for Thies 3D Ultrasonic anemometer.
  • Site Correlations: 
    -  Fixed the dropdown buttons displacement and resize.
    -  Calculates the average, absolute and RMS errors of the prediction.

v4.23-6.21   May 11, 2016 

  • Wind data analysis:
    -  Export ASCII data file includes wind shear, if 2+ anemometers are used.
    -  Improved the quick LOG summary after a run.
    -  Corrects a bug in the LOG file where 'TI' was displayed instead of 'Usdv'.
    -  Added the expected WT production per month ('TempData' sheet).
    -  Handles better the warnings/errors for 3 identical wind directions in successive time steps.
    -  Corrects a bug occurring when GenChecks are disabled and a DIRoffset is set.

v4.20-6.14   Sep. 19, 2014

  • Minor update release:
    -  Fixed code registration in 64bit Windows.
    -  Fixed the English/Greek language toggle change in Excel 2010/2013.
    -  Improved detection of wrong decimal separators in the 'Advanced Options' ('Input' sheet).

v4.19-6.12   Mar. 18, 2014

  • Wind data analysis:
    -  New Turbulence Intensity vs Wind Shear graphs ('Shear' sheet) during daytime and night, for the 2 best dir. sectors.
    -  New detailed Wind Shear variation polar graph ('Shear' sheet) .
    -  Now only 4 columns (U, Dir., Time, Date) are the minimum required for the program to run (Usdv is now optional e.g.: reanalysis satellite data).
    -  Improved detection of wrong decimal separators in 'Input' sheet.
    - Corrected an error occuring when General Checks were disabled (Advanced Options), but some were indeed performed (Umax-Umin/σU).
  • Correlations:
    - New graphs ('WindCorr' sheet) showing comparisons of the wind speed distributions and wind roses, for the Reference and Target sites.
    - Now, when correlating with averaging enabled (hours, days, etc), min.50% completeness is required (ie: three 10min data for 1h averaging).

 v4.15-6.08   Mar. 12, 2013

  • Wind data analysis:
    -  Added a new table in the 'Input' sheet in order to exclude specific time-periods.
    -  Added a new 'Advanced Option' for de-trending turbulence intensities.
    -  Modified the format of Start and Stop dates (Input sheet) to accept hours, minutes, seconds for accurate data availability calculations.
    -  Improved the warnings/errors overview after running the program.
  • Correlations:
    - Corrected the time-step of the predicted series when correlating time-series with different time-steps (ie: 10min and 1h).
  • Supports MS-Office 2013

v4.12-6.07   Nov. 22, 2012

  • Wind data analysis: Added several new 'Advanced Options' :
    - possibility to distinguish an absolute calm from a "frozen" anemometer when temperature is also recorded
    - possibility to reject data depending on the ratio (Umax-Umin)/Usdv for each anemometer
    - if σDIR is measured, its polar variation is plotted and its per height variation is examined in order to detect errors, when several vanes are present.
    - if time-series contain turbulence intensities (instead of Usdv), then when assigning the Usdv column number (Input Sheet) "ti" should be added right after (i.e.: 12ti).
  • Correlations:
    - Several new graphs are created (i.e.: wind speed and direction raw data per each dir. sector, wind speed distributions and wind roses both for initial and overlapped periods).
    - Now, the uncertainty of the correlation/prediction is calculated based on the standard error of the regression (for each wind speed bin and dir.sector).
  • Several minor improvements and bug fixes (e.g.: imports correctly from old WindRose sheets, etc)
 v4.08-6.06   Apr. 3, 2012
  • A new Sheet TScheck is created automatically with several graphs providing information about the time-series quality.
  • Easy location of periods with high/low correlations, thanks to a new plot displaying the daily correlation results (WindCorr sheet).
  • Added characteristic and representative turbulence intensities calculation (Tables sheet).
  • Now, the 'Advanced Options' menu is part of the Input sheet (as a separate table).
  • Added the time percentage a WT needs to produce 50% (or other) of its total energy (Results sheet).
  • Several minor improvements and bug fixes.

Older versions.

v3.89-5.93   Jul. 20, 2010

v3.88-5.89   Dec. 8, 2009

v3.83-5.86   Jul. 7, 2009

v3.62-5.72   Mar. 12, 2008